Ogvily's Anti-Littering Campaign

Brilliant Behavior Marketing: Ogilvy’s Anti-Littering Campaign

Did you know that Hong Kong produces more than 6.5 million tons of trash each year? Me neither. But, the Hong Kong Clean Up Initiative,

Pinpoint Market Research Study Says Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Social Causes

Pinpoint Market Research reports that “twenty-somethings” want something more from brands than just a product or service; they want social, political and community action. The market

Is Ello As Privacy-Focused As They Claim?

As you know, the privacy-driven social networking site, Ello, began a BETA-launch media blitz last week that has secured them media coverage in nearly every

Facebook Demands Drag Queens Use Their Real Names

There are a couple of groups no one should ever tangle with online: Mommy Bloggers and Drag Queens. But, Facebook just can’t seem to help

Online Privacy Survey

Hey readers, Do me a solid and please take this Online Privacy Survey for me. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NJDFXH5) It will only take a couple of minutes but

Facebook May Embrace Anonymity & Privacy

Since its inception, Facebook has always demanded its users register with their real names on the site. This, of course, has been the cornerstone of

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