Twitter’s Downfall Began Long Before Musk’s Mistakes

Twitter had already become a cesspool of misogyny, hate and d**k pics. It was a mess of bots and bullies long before Musk entered the scene.

Why Logo Design Matters: A Georgia Elementary School is Under Fire

Logo design is a unique art. There are some logos that are pure genius – especially the ones in which brand messages are hidden, such

Currahee Brewing Company Uses White Nationalist Lingo and Imagery, Reminding Everyone Why You Should Check the Meaning of Co-opted Terms

Now, the co-owner of the Georgia-based beer company issued a statement insisting he didn’t know what “Boogaloo” meant when they named their beer after it

ABC Reporter Forgot His Pants for GMA Interview – New Media Training Reminder: Be Fully Dressed!

Just a few days ago, I took a new client through media training. We covered everything from how to use “bridges” to stay on message;

Backlash from Peloton Ad Causes Company Shares to Drop by 9% or $924 Million

We’ve all seen the jokes over the years of hapless husbands gifting their wives vacuum cleaners and irons for the holidays and the fights that

AMC Listens to Customers – Stops Plans Allowing Texting During Movies

Like most people, I was very surprised when I heard that AMC Theaters’ CEO, Adam Aron told Variety he was considering allowing texting during movies

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