Subway’s Discrimination Problem: A Good Case for Updated Brand Guidelines

One of the greatest concerns of franchise business models is how trouble caused by one owner/operator can damage other locations nearby or the brand image

Social Media and Healthcare Trends and Behaviors


B2B Companies STILL Ignore Social Media

A new survey from Satmetrix, revealed today that the majority of B2B companies are still not tracking their social media activity and are ignoring customers who

Facebook Co-Founder Could Be Kicked Out Of USA

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is known by most through Andrew Garfield’s spellbinding portrayal in The Social Network, where he was quite the sympathetic character, having

Facebook’s New Highlight Tool To Boost Your Visibility

  Facebook is testing a new feature that would help you ensure more friends see your photos, updates and links — though it could cost

Colbert Mock-U-Ads May Impact Iowa Vote

Stephen Colbert and his newly formed Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, have released two ads that are running in Iowa asking voters to

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