The Evolution of Social Media – A Look Back and Ahead

As you know, I’ve just rebranded and relocated from Blogger to WP. While organizing my old posts dating back to 2007, it was fun to see

The “Social Media President” Hosts YouTube Town Hall

Mr. Obama has been called the “social media president” and today he showed us why by engaging in his second live town hall forum, this one

Barrack Obama: The Social Media President

Yesterday, the 44th U.S. President was sworn in. As I was watching the celebration with some friends, we agreed that Mr. Obama is truly a

Brands Join the Election + Social Media Usage Stats

A look at how brands are leveraging election buzz.

The Social Media Election Part 3

I really believe that we are witnessing our nation’s first Social Media election. The impact of peer-to-peer media has changed every aspect of how these

The Social Media Election Part Two

A while back, I espoused my philosophy in an Op-Ed for PRWeek that today, everyone is a reporter and smart brands will speak to their target audience the same way

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