How Messaging Apps Are Transforming Social Sharing

For a little while now, I’ve been saying the future of social engagement is the messaging app. That’s where the real sharing is taking place

THIS: New Social Media Site Wants To Unclutter Your Social Streams

There is a new social media site on the scene. It’s called This. Unlike Ello, “This” isn’t make any bold statements about being the anti-Facebook. But,

Hashtag Wars: Jon Stewart v Rush Limbaugh

Jon Stewart launched a hastag war with Rush Limbaugh Monday night that lit up Twitter into late this morning. Stewart featured a report on the Boko

Facebook and Twitter Make Moves Toward Traditional Media

It was announced this week that Facebook hired veteran journalist, Liz Heron of The Wall Street Journal to help better connect the network with media

Facebook May Embrace Anonymity & Privacy

Since its inception, Facebook has always demanded its users register with their real names on the site. This, of course, has been the cornerstone of

Twitter Drives Sales For SMBs

A new study was released today from Market Probe International demonstrating the value of Twitter to SMBs. The bottom line: people who follow small-to-medium-sized businesses feel more

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