Twitter’s Downfall Began Long Before Musk’s Mistakes

Twitter had already become a cesspool of misogyny, hate and d**k pics. It was a mess of bots and bullies long before Musk entered the scene.

YouTube Shorts Adds Voice Narration

YouTube Shorts is adopting another popular TikTok feature as the platform now allows creators to narrate over videos. Content creators use voiceovers to enhance Shorts

Facebook Tests New Stories-Like Notifications to Boost Engagement

As Facebook continues to lose ground to TikTok, the platform is constantly trying to figure out new ways to keep people engaged. Facebook’s latest experiment

Facebook Embraces Its Image as an MCU Villain With Proposed Rebrand to Metaverse

Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name focused on the “Metaverse.” Set aside that the name sounds like an MCU villain, the

Social Media platforms drop trump AND; other right-wing extremists; parler shut down

In response to last week’s attempted coup at the Capitol, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have permanently banned Donald Trump, along with others

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