The Future of Facebook is Television

As the countdown to Facebook’s IPO continues, the media is all a’flutter over the expected valuation, whether or not Facebook ads really work, the public’s

MTV Takes Social TV to Next Level

MTV both broke a Twitter record with Beyonce at the VMAs and has over 100 million viewers and 100 million Facebook likes and has been covered as the

Facebook and the Social TV Revolution

I’ve been saying for a while now that Facebook will soon become more of a content distributor much like Netflix and Amazon. Well, it seems

7 Things You Need to Know About Social TV

AdAge published a terrific article about the state of social tv. Every marketer should read this! Enjoy!

Ladies and Gentlemen … Rock and Roll

As I’m sure you know, yesterday marked the 30th birthday of MTV. Not only does this news make me feel incredibly old, but it also drives

Once Again What Happens in Social Media Drives Major Media Stories

The power of social media has yet again been observed as one average Joe’s Facebook post resulted in a media uproar and an apology from

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