Priest Watches Star Wars Episode VII Trailer And, It Is Sublime (And, Good Content Marketing)

I admit, the interwebs have taken a strange turn when I actively seek out a video to watch¬†someone I don’t know, watching something else I’ve

What We Can Learn From The Drunk Girl Video Backlash

There has been a great deal of buzz about the “drunk girl” video that made the rounds on the interwebs last week. If you haven’t

Charity’s Guerilla Video Brilliantly Drives Text Donations

We’ve all seen the ads on TV featuring starving, homeless or otherwise suffering children while a concerned voice begs us to help. Of course, it’s

Integrated Marketing Success: Chipotle’s Brilliant & Beautiful Scarecrow

Ladies and gents, it’s rare for a marketing initiative to take my breath away in both the brilliance and the beauty of the campaign. In

The Cult of Celebrity & How to Become One Overnight

Today, I came across a stunt that perfectly sums up the cult of celebrity in today’s society. A regular average, unknown guy named Brett Cohen

The Evolution of Social Media – A Look Back and Ahead

As you know, I’ve just rebranded and relocated from Blogger to WP. While organizing my old posts dating back to 2007,¬†it was fun to see

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