SocialTV Twist Jaguar Responds to Mad Men

If you know me at all, you know I am a huge fan of Mad Men. Last night’s episode included the shocking departure of one

Telematic Billboards Tailored Just For You

This is either super cool or super scary. As usual, I’m of split minds on the subject because the marketer and technology nerd in me

Hours of Verizon Tech Support Becomes a Song

Hip-Hop star M.IA. spent three long hours in Verizon’s tech support and now she wrote a song about it called “I’m Down Like Your Internet Connection” which

Bird Steals Doritos – Makes Frito-Lay Happy

Hey y’all. I’m heading out on vacation in a few minutes, so I won’t likely post much over the next week. With that in mind,

Twitter, Product Placement, Web Usage and Social Media as a Term

Once again, I am shocked to find that another week has passed by and I’ve yet to post to the blog. Sorry folks – I

Marketers Bribe Reporters for Coverage

My world got turned on its head today when I read an MSL/PRWeek survey showing 19% of CMOs “bought advertising in return for a news story.” The

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