Slain Editor Wins a Polk Award

The 2007 George Polk awards, informally known as the “Golden Globes of Journalism,” have been announced. Interestingly, a blogger (!) Joshua Micah Marshall of Talking Points Memo, was among those honored for his reporting on the US Attorney scandal that brought down Alberto Gonzales. Given my last post, this is an exceptional move toward accepting bloggers as real media.

Also noteworthy is the bittersweet recognition for slain editor Chauncey Bailey who was ambushed and shot while investigating the Black Muslim splinter group, Your Black Muslim Bakery. Seven men were arrested after Bailey’s shooting on charges including fraud and kidnapping after a raid on the bakery. A bakery handyman has been charged in the slaying and is awaiting trial. A true hero, Bailey led a 37-year career in investigative journalism. Click here for more information on Bailey the story that cost him his life.

And, here for a complete list of Polk winners. Congratulations to all!

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