About Me

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

A global public relations and marketing leader, Jennifer’s experience working within PR, advertising and social/digital agencies enables her to see brand engagement through a truly integrated lens.
She has been at the center of digital communications since the mid 1990s where she helped define and launch the brands that shaped the dot-com era.
By the early 2000’s, she led integrated marketing campaigns and co-wrote and produced an animated film, signing Academy-Award winning actors to voice the characters. It was at this time, she began to harness the power of peer-to-peer online engagement (later to be called social media) to drive interest during the film’s production.
In the mid 2000’s, she launched The Social Marketing Blog (formerly, Speak Media Blog) and led some of the first digital and social media engagement campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.
Today, she is a leader in market research, traditional public relations and social media marketing.
Jennifer also runs Fresh and Frugal Cooking, a food blog with recipes that help you save time and money.
And, she is a painter with original works for sale at Art By Jennifer Jones.
She currently resides in Decatur, GA with her husband, music composer and professor, Dr. David Mitchell and her step-daughter, Kerry.
To learn more about Jennifer, including her total social reach, visit Jennifer Jones Mitchell.

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