Company Responds to Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” Video

You’ve likely seen the video going around the web today featuring Marina Shifrin in her office at 4:30 am dancing her way to a resignation as a digital

Instagram and LinkedIn Add Tagging

Facebook is adding Hashtags. LinkedIn has added @tagging and now Instagram has followed suit. It seems the largest social networks are paying attention to the

PR Agency Makes Worst Promo Video Ever

It is every good PR Pro’s most fervent nightmare to be featured in one of  Hamilton Nolan’s PR Dummies columns on Gawker. Normally, out of respect

How Social Is Being Used To Drive Business

How are social networking and social software impacting businesses now and in the future? A new research report co-authored by MIT’s Sloan Management Review and

Guy Kawaski Says G+ Is A Religious Experience

It still amazes me that Google + hasn’t seen Facebook-like adoption rates. In my view, the social site is far superior to Facebook and apparently,

Fewer Women in Senior Tech Positions

According to Reuters, the number of women in senior technology positions at U.S. companies is down for the second year in a row. Nine percent

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