How-To Buy The Right Domains and Protect Your Brand

Let’s talk domains. Everybody has them. Everybody needs them. And, it’s very important to┬áthink through the total scope of the domain when purchasing them. Here

Retailer Faces Social Media Backlash Over “Holocaust Shirt”

The Spanish fashion retailer, Zara, has removed a tee-shirt that sparked a massive backlash on Twitter. The item in question is a striped tee-shirt with

OkCupid Encourages Customers To Drop Mozilla

The internet has given rise to many forms of protests over the years. From petitions and calls to boycott shared through social media to weaponized

Charity’s Guerilla Video Brilliantly Drives Text Donations

We’ve all seen the ads on TV featuring starving, homeless or otherwise suffering children while a concerned voice begs us to help. Of course, it’s

42 Top Vines of the Week

Huffington Post compiled the best Vines of the week into one truly entertaining video. Some of the :6 clips are hilarious; some are gross; but

Twitter Drives Sales For SMBs

A new study was released today from Market Probe International demonstrating the value of Twitter to SMBs. The bottom line: people who follow small-to-medium-sized businesses feel more

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