Levi’s Viral Delivers (& Disturbs) But Mainly Delivers

The Levi Jean company is no stranger to racy ads or viral videos. And, I gotta say their new viral site combines the two in the best way.

The campaign is called Unbutton Your Beast and it allows users to design their own e-card where they choose the look of the beast hiding in their pants (from ten different selections) and then apply a pre-recorded message or create their own.

Maybe I’m just weird, but I think this is perfect viral. It’s funny. Offensive. Juvenile. Silly. Interactive. Designed to be shared. And, right on with the target demographic. Once I heard the pre-recoded message from Cookie the Cougar, I couldn’t help but crack up. I also thought Sir Reginald Mighty Pants was also hysterical in a Monty Python kind of way.

Levi’s and their ad agency EVB have taken some heat from critics. But, imagine this thing will be wildly successful with kids and twenty-somethings. And, really, comparing it to a lot of the videos on YouTube, it’s hardly that disturbing – at least it didn’t include two pairs of jeans and a cup – you know exactly what I’m talking about you sickos!

Seriously, I don’t think this is anything to get upset about. Strategically speaking, it’s what viral should be.

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