Tomorrow’s Super Cool Google Doodle…Today

Tomorrow is May 23, which would have been Dr. Robert Moog’s 78th birthday.

Dr. Moog, who died in 2005 at age 71, released the first iteration of his synthesizer in 1964, which has inspired musicians from avant-garde and experimental composers to mind-expanding rock and more conventional pop acts ever since.

Much like their homage to Les Paul, Google plans to honor Dr. Moog with an interactive homepage logo that looks and plays like a Moog synthesizer. You can use the cursor to adjust the synth’s oscillators, pound on the keys, apply filters and even record and share your own synthesizer creations. At the right-hand side of the doodle, the animated recording equipment generates a sharable link of your creation for you to copy and paste; there’s even a G+ button, for Google+ users to post their songs directly to the social network.
Mashable obtained early access to the doodle by visiting Google’s Australia homepage when the doodle went live at midnight on May 23, local time.

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