CNN and The Hollywood Reporter Face Backlash Over The Future of Media Cover and Tweet

The Hollywood Reporter and CNN are seeing significant backlash for their recent cover story presenting the news leaders who are “fighting CNN’s new war.”

Take a look at the cover – along with CNN producer, Josiah Daniel Ryan’s tweet stating that this is “the future of media” – and see if you can guess what’s missing.


If you guessed “there are no women” you would be right on. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter and CNN are currently being trolled online for this absurd omission.

The cover shot includes news anchor Jake Tapper, YouTube star and CNN’s recent hire Casey Neistat, CNN President Jeff Zucker, CNN host W. Kamau Bell, and chef-turned-host Anthony Bourdain.

Now, the actual article is something every PR pro should read as it details coming shifts in the news media with a greater focus on competing with edgier in-depth news outlets like Vice and infotainment news like BuzzFeed.

What gets me is while every one of these very capable, insightful and highly professional men deserve to be on this cover, it seems not one of them looked around and thought, “hmmm, something’s missing.”

I’m frankly surprised they excluded  “Out Front” host Erin Burnett as she is the only female anchor in CNN’s primetime lineup, not to mention the scores of other women who lead media stories in front of and behind the cameras every day.

When Ryan tweeted the cover with the comment “the future of media looks like this,” folks on Twitter were quick to set him straight.


When Josiah Daniel Ryan, a CNN producer, retweeted the cover with the caption ‘the future of media looks like this,’ critics pounced, wondering if any women were part of the network’s future

Robert Hernandez wondered why none of those photographed in the shoot bothered to object to the absence of a female
‘The future of media is 100% straight men and 4/5 white?’ tweeted Celeste Headlee. ‘Nope. Nopeity Nope.’
'Was it really such a challenge to find even a single woman for this cover?' asked journalist Rula Jebreal

'Hey CNN, women can fight your new war, too, you know,' tweeted Mark Joyella

Isabelle Chapman, a social producer at CNN, tweeted: ‘These CNN men are doing INCREDIBLE things. The women are also killing it by the way’


  1. It’s just business as usual. None of them noticed there were no women on the cover because none of them notice the lack of women in the board room either.

  2. It really is incredible that CNN didn’t think to include a single woman in this cover! I can’t wait to see how they backpeddle their way out of this one.

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