Converse Goes Viral

Converse has launched a new viral campaign featuring more than a dozen rabbit holes and videos, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with the iconic shoes, or really, with anything at all. Some of them are clever and some are downright bizarre. Yet, each one does grab your attention. Rather than spoiling your fun by detailing all of them, I will just outline the ones that I think have the most potential.

Converse Spelling Bee, in which a shoe string leads the viewer on a search engine spelling bee. When you spell the word correctly in the search engine (i.e. Google), the ad on the right-hand side takes you to the next round. It’s clever because it keeps you actively engaged in the game and subsequently, with the brand.

On A Shoe String Films, a compilation of hilarious videos in which some Converse shoe strings attend their first college class; go to a dance party; arrive early at the movies, play music; and list their grievances, among other things. Needless to say hilarity ensues. Plus, it’s just goofy enough to get passed around. Truly, the voices behind these shoe strings are some of the funniest people online.

I’m still not sure what At Least You’re Not Lost At Sea For 13 Days has to do with the brand, but the video did get a chuckle from me – particularly the bit about the golf club membership. And, there are different videos for different days covering this man’s adventures lost at sea – again – to keep you watching and anticipating the next round.

As odd as some of the sites/vids are, this campaign is brilliant in my book because “odd” gets people talking just as much as funny or controversial. The mere fact that I have no idea why someone would put their Chucks in Soda makes me want to send the link to everyone I know…and tune in for more.

It’s a great example of good viral that is silly, wacky and is not overtly selling the shoes — or in some cases — selling anything at all. The only thing missing is audience participation. You get a little of that with the spelling bee, but I hope there is a second stage that brings the viewer into the campaign a bit more. That said, check them out and let me know what you think.

And, remember when things aren’t going your way, Converse understands you just wanna know Is Everything Going to be Okay?

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