Diggbar, Tweetcasts, Social Media Productivity and a Funny Video From Slate

Hi everyone! I’ve got a lot of deadlines crashing in, so today I’m just gonna give you a rapid-fire list of things that caught my eye this week.

File this one under “studies and statistics can mean anything you want them to mean.” According to the Daily Mail, Using Twitter and watching YouTube makes workers more productive.

As Download Squad reports, Digg has “taken off the gloves and come out swinging at other short url and social sharing services” having launched DiggBar. TechCrunch also covered it and I gotta say it’s already streamlined some of my link-sharing so definitely check it out.

There’s a new social media tweetcast called Social Media Fact from Gary Stein at ClickZ you should check out.

And, finally, Slate.com created this hilarious mock-u-mentary about “Flutter” for those who think 140 characters are just too many! (“It’s like faster than a regular bird tweets!”)


Have a great weekend, y’all!

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