President Obama Forgot to Run a Light Test Before Speech

I am watching the President deliver a speech in Wisconsin. What he is saying about jobs sounds good. Unfortunately, my boyfriend (aka “The Professor”) and I keep getting distracted by the clearly visible “wife beater” tee-shirt the president is wearing under his shirt. In fact, we stopped listening to the President’s speech as we debated whether or not it was a tee-shirt or a bullet-proof vest.

So, I wanted to offer this reminder: when your spokesperson is about to go in front of cameras (broadcast or otherwise), don’t forget to do a quick “light test” for transparent clothing. All you need to do is shine a bright light (most normal lamps without the lamp shade will suffice) in front of your spokesperson. This way you can tell if any undergarments are visible.

President Obama With Visible “Wife-Beater”


  1. This sounds a little superficial to me. Since when have undergarments made policy or directed the armed forces of the US?

    1. Hi there. I agree it’s hardly a scandal or a national security issue. But, since I talk about PR/SM on this blog and this was a rookie PR mistake, it seemed worth noting as a way to remind folks to do a light check.

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