Priest Watches Star Wars Episode VII Trailer And, It Is Sublime (And, Good Content Marketing)

I admit, the interwebs have taken a strange turn when I actively seek out a video to watch someone I don’t know, watching something else I’ve already seen.

But, that happened to me just a few minutes ago when I saw a Facebook post about a priest watching the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

And, I have to admit, I’ve watched him watch that trailer about five times now and each time, I find myself bursting with joy at his reaction (which, truth be told, wasn’t that far off from mine the first time I saw the trailer, as I shouted and gasped and hollered “Han Solo!” just like he does).


Now, I had to share this with you all in part because it is so delightful and because it is such a good marketing tactic.

Certainly showing audience reactions isn’t a new tactic, especially with regard to movie trailers. We all saw test audiences scream in the dark as they watched Paranormal Activity. And, it worked. I saw those movies along with millions of others.

But, this is a different because it’s organic. Lucas Films didn’t pay Father Roderick to do this video. He did it because of the sheer joy and excitement of watching the trailer.

And, I think we can learn something from that as marketers because there are reasons this video has gone viral.

It works because it’s personal and targeted to existing fans.

It works because I had the same reaction.

It works because it’s real.

In watching this, I am sharing a truly new experience with a fellow fan. His joy and excitement is palatable and it truly makes me happy to watch AND made me watch the trailer again.

So, I don’t know about you, but I am going to spend this evening pondering how I can capture these real, genuine moments for my clients. And, how to encourage their customers to share these moments with each other.

Not the old “share your story” or “pin it to win it” kind of staged experiences that we’ve all been doing for years. But, true honest reactions like this. So much of what we do is so manufactured and produced when it’s moments like Father Roderick watching a trailer for the first time that really have an impact.

Something to think about.

And, now, I’m gonna go watch him watch that trailer again.

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